Dave - he/him
05/02 - Taurus - 22
Student - Penn State
Chicano, LGBTQ+, Disabled


Hi! I'm Dave. I'm so happy to see that you're here on my website. Here are ten fun facts about me.

1. I am a transmasculine, genderfluid gay guy.2. I use he/him pronouns.3. My sona is Scooter. You can call me Scooter online if you'd prefer!4. I am a full-time student and artist!5. I reside in the United States. Was born in CO, lived for a bit in TX, and now live in PA!6. I am Chicano, or Mexican-American. My mom is from Monterrey, Mexico!7. I am fully fluent in English. I can read in Spanish, but I am not that good at writing in Spanish.8. I am Autistic, have ADHD, and struggle with PTSD and a few other things. I am open about being disabled, but I try to not let it slow me down!9. I love horror and ARGs! I enjoy contemplating the social and historical impacts of religion.10. My favorite colors are orange and pink.


I am currently a student at The Pennsylvania State University and am intending to graduate in the spring of 2024.Art is my passion, so I fully intend to work in the industry after graduation. See my work below!


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